Each one of us is a part of something great, something truly awesome, something almost unimaginably magnificent.

Each one of us has the power to touch, to glimpse, to see that Essence within ourselves.

Being a part of something greater, we can recognize a part of that greatness ourselves.

Looking at the surface, we can see the differences between all objects.

But looking deeper, we can see the One thing that unifies everything.

It is my goal to help people realize That.

I believe that the Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu and Mohammad all essentially teach the same thing. They teach us to become more aware of the Spirit that exists in everything. This Spirit is often called God.

There exists in everything a Field of Energy. This Energy is inside of us and It connects us to each other. Spiritual teachers throughout the ages teach us to recognize It and to honor It. It exists on a deeper level than material energy. Penetrating everything in the Universe, It is inside of us all, connecting us to the greater whole. We are never separate from Spirit.

By learning some of the connections between science, philosophy and religion, we can better understand God and we can create more peaceful, loving experiences in our daily lives.